Technologies of Creativity: The Social History of Unstructured Thought

Cultureel Erfgoed
donderdag 14 oktober 2021 - donderdag 14 oktober 2021
16:00 - 18:00

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Lipkens Lectures

 In the Lipkens Lectures lecture cycle, Studium Generale dives into history, together with the Academic Heritage Team of the Library. What did it mean to be an engineer in the past? How did the role of technology in society develop, and how do we still bear the fruits of that today? What can today’s engineers learn from the history of science and technology?  In this second Lipkens Lecture, Bregje van Eekelen (TU Delft, IDE) will draw from her NWO funded research project on the history of creative thought in military-industrial contexts between 1935 and 1965.

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Locatie: Prometheusplein 1

Venue: TU Delft Library